Mercury is in retrograde at 07 Sco 42' 59"

Even people who aren’t even remotely familiar with astrology have heard of this one. We’ll unpack that in just a minute. Mercury is also Hermes, considered the emissary of the Gods but also, something of a trickster. Ruling Virgo and Gemini, this planetary influence usually denotes something of an adaptable nature but also, a very curious, very chatty sort of feel.

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 Mars is in retrograde at 18 Ari 44' 51"

Mars is another one that is understood pretty well by way of a scientific fact. Though we often talk about you know, colonies on Mars and such, these have not ended well, usually. Humanity’s been trying to get up close and personal with the red planet since about 1960 or so and often, these things fail before they even get started. In fact, in 1999, the most infamous $193 million failure was due to some confusion when well, some were using the superior metric system and others were not. Since the turn of the century, however, only 1 of 12 missions has failed but historically: there’s been about a 50/50 change something’s going to go totally sideways. Kinda what you get for naming the moons Deimos and Phobos, really- panic and fear don’t usually make for great insights.

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 Uranus is in retrograde at 09 Tau 05' 36"

Uranus smells bad.

Look, I had to get that out of the way. It probably will not be the last but, if you have ever known an Aquarius, wordplay involving this mispronunciation is absolutely appropriate. Uranus rules Aquarius, by the way (if Aquarius would ever admit to anything ruling it). This is another one of those outer planets we can’t really see without some help. Discovered in 1781 by William Herschel, it again denotes things nobody really wants to admit but everyone knows are there. Like that odd smell in the open office. Is someone cooking fish in the microwave again or did you just indulge in a milkshake at lunch when you knew you probably shouldn’t? Who knows?

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 Neptune is in retrograde at 18 Pis 33' 29"

As the farthest known planet from the Sun in our solar system, Neptune, the 8th planet’s astronomical description is entirely appropriate to its astrological. It’s the densest giant planet and it moves very slowly. In astrology, it rules Pisces and is considered the planet of deception, spirituality, illusion, and addiction. It’s not all bad, though- as with other things, the flip sides are the good sides and intuition, dreams, sensitivity, mercy and compassion also fall under its auspices.

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PlanetStationary (retrograde)Stationary (direct)In Sign
neptune2020-06-23 04:33:00 UTC2020-11-29 00:37:00 UTCPisces
uranus2020-08-15 14:27:00 UTC2021-01-14 08:36:00 UTCTaurus
mars2020-09-09 22:23:00 UTC2020-11-14 00:36:00 UTCAries
mercury2020-10-14 01:05:00 UTC2020-11-03 17:50:00 UTCScorpio
mercury2021-01-30 15:52:00 UTC2021-02-21 00:52:00 UTCAquarius
pluto2021-04-27 20:02:00 UTC2021-10-06 18:30:00 UTCCapricorn
saturn2021-05-23 09:20:00 UTC2021-10-11 02:18:00 UTCAquarius
mercury2021-05-29 22:35:00 UTC2021-06-22 22:01:00 UTCGemini
jupiter2021-06-20 15:05:00 UTC2021-10-18 05:31:00 UTCPisces
neptune2021-06-25 19:22:00 UTC2021-12-01 13:23:00 UTCPisces
uranus2021-08-20 01:41:00 UTC2022-01-18 15:26:00 UTCTaurus
mercury2021-09-27 05:11:00 UTC2021-10-18 15:17:00 UTCLibra
venus2021-12-19 10:36:00 UTC2022-01-29 08:46:00 UTCCapricorn
mercury2022-01-14 11:42:00 UTC2022-02-04 04:13:00 UTCAquarius
pluto2022-04-29 18:36:00 UTC2022-10-08 21:57:00 UTCCapricorn
mercury2022-05-10 11:48:00 UTC2022-06-03 08:01:00 UTCGemini
saturn2022-06-04 21:48:00 UTC2022-10-23 04:08:00 UTCAquarius
neptune2022-06-28 07:56:00 UTC2022-12-04 00:16:00 UTCPisces
jupiter2022-07-28 20:38:00 UTC2022-11-23 23:03:00 UTCAries
uranus2022-08-24 13:54:00 UTC2023-01-22 22:59:00 UTCTaurus
mercury2022-09-10 03:39:00 UTC2022-10-02 09:08:00 UTCLibra
mars2022-10-30 13:26:00 UTC2023-01-12 20:57:00 UTCGemini
mercury2022-12-29 09:32:00 UTC2023-01-18 13:12:00 UTCCapricorn
mercury2023-04-21 08:35:00 UTC2023-05-15 03:17:00 UTCTaurus
pluto2023-05-01 17:09:00 UTC2023-10-11 01:10:00 UTCAquarius
saturn2023-06-17 17:28:00 UTC2023-11-04 07:03:00 UTCPisces
neptune2023-06-30 21:07:00 UTC2023-12-06 13:23:00 UTCPisces
venus2023-07-23 01:33:00 UTC2023-09-04 01:21:00 UTCLeo
mercury2023-08-23 20:00:00 UTC2023-09-15 20:22:00 UTCVirgo
uranus2023-08-29 02:39:00 UTC2024-01-27 07:36:00 UTCTaurus
jupiter2023-09-04 14:11:00 UTC2023-12-31 02:41:00 UTCTaurus
mercury2023-12-13 07:10:00 UTC2024-01-02 03:08:00 UTCCapricorn
mercury2024-04-01 22:15:00 UTC2024-04-25 12:55:00 UTCAries
pluto2024-05-02 17:48:00 UTC2024-10-12 00:32:00 UTCAquarius
saturn2024-06-29 19:07:00 UTC2024-11-15 14:21:00 UTCPisces
neptune2024-07-02 10:41:00 UTC2024-12-07 23:43:00 UTCPisces
mercury2024-08-05 04:57:00 UTC2024-08-28 21:14:00 UTCVirgo
uranus2024-09-01 15:18:00 UTC2025-01-30 16:23:00 UTCTaurus
jupiter2024-10-09 07:05:00 UTC2025-02-04 09:41:00 UTCGemini
mercury2024-11-26 02:43:00 UTC2024-12-15 20:57:00 UTCSagittarius
mars2024-12-06 23:34:00 UTC2025-02-24 02:00:00 UTCLeo
Pluto will be going retrograde in the next 24 hours

Pluto will be going retrograde in the next 24 hours


Pluto will be going retrograde in the next 24 hours.

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