Birthstone for Scorpio – Topaz According to the European horoscope, each zodiac sign has a main mascot stone. In the case of Scorpio, this is topaz. There is an opinion that in Sanskrit the name of the stone means “flame”, therefore it is so suitable for representatives of the water element. Topaz is one of the minerals found in nature in a really large color range. There are blue, yellow, red and even transparent specimens. An interesting feature of all topazes is that they are most powerful during the full moon and, in principle, feed their power from the Moon. The most outstanding healing properties have transparent topaz. He is able to fight depression and anxiety, and also helps get rid of sleep disturbances. Since ancient times, it has been used as a talisman that improves human health and strengthens its immune system. Yellow gems are believed to be effective in treating lung and throat diseases. Topazes of other shades have a complex effect on the human body. As a personal mascot, Scorpio is more suitable for blue topaz. It helps to cope with life’s difficulties and maintain peace of mind. Scorpio can use it during meditation for better concentration. A necklace or pendant is the most suitable jewelry with blue topaz. They will not only strengthen the health of their owner, but also help to become more enjoyable in communication. Birthstones for Scorpio man Men born during the reign of the constellation Scorpio are hardworking and always achieve their goals. They are not afraid of the difficulties that may occur along the way. They do not depend on the opinions of others and are not afraid of condemnation from the outside. Scorpio men have inexplicable natural magnetism, attracting many people. Their main drawback is the tendency to use others. They often manipulate loved ones and do not know how to show gratitude. For a happy life and getting rid of character flaws, they need the following mascot stones: Jasper – is a “purifier” of the energy field. This mineral has the unique ability to rid its owner of all attitudes and prejudices that have formed due to negative events of past years. It allows you to rethink your life guidelines and begin to move in a new direction if there is fatigue from a boring routine or a person realizes that he is not engaged in his own business. It is believed that jasper is able to enhance the potential of its owner, developing his natural talents, as well as reveal the unobvious personality advantages. The most preferred jewelry with this stone for Scorpion men is a bracelet. He will accumulate energy in himself and return it to its owner if necessary. Garnet – is a stone of love and passion. This mineral will open up new personality traits of the Scorpio man, making him more sensual and open. Thanks to the grenade, the representative of the watermark will be able to build a warm relationship with others and find his soul mate. The stone will teach the Scorpio man not to be afraid to show his feelings and express sympathy. He will help him become more grateful and stop worrying only about his well-being. If a Scorpio man acquires a watch inlaid with Garnet, he will understand that sometimes giving is much more important than receiving and will rethink his life values. Heliodor – is a stress reliever. This mineral will alleviate the nervous load that a Scorpio man experiences due to the desire to achieve high professional results. Thanks to heliodor, he will become more relaxed and learn to enjoy a part of his life that is not related to work. Also, the mineral has the ability to give its owner a good mood, so an accessory with it is especially necessary in difficult life periods. A ring with a heliodor is a good option. It is recommended to remove it during working hours so that it does not interfere with concentration. If you leave it at the head of the bed at night, then it will protect against nightmares. Tourmaline – is a stone of patience. This mineral will help the Scorpio man cope with excessive demands on himself and others. Also thanks to him, he will be less aggressive towards his rivals in career advancement. Tourmaline will bring balance to the life of his master, establishing the optimal balance between work and rest. Having an adornment with this stone, the Scorpio man will be protected from the negativity of the outside world. A good accessory option is a tourmaline pendant. Located in the area of the solar plexus, it will make its owner more responsive and help to more easily converge with people. Birthstones for Scorpio woman Representatives of this sign are bright and energetic women who are hard to miss. They have a strong character and are ready to take responsibility. Sometimes they lack softness and indulgence in relation to the shortcomings of others. At the same time, Scorpios are able to behave in society and make new acquaintances without much effort. The main drawback of their character is the constant desire to “prick” the interlocutor with a harsh statement. Women of this sign often show this feature in communicating with loved ones, because of which their relationship is often destroyed. To get rid of negative character traits and carry out planned tasks, they need jewelry with the following mascot stones: Beryl – is a source of peace. This mineral will allow a woman-Scorpio to cope with an obsessive desire to sarcify when talking with loved ones, thus trying to prove their independence to them. Beryl will make the representative of this sign wiser and softer, and will also help to better concentrate on work issues and correctly allocate time. He will become a powerful protector against bad people and negative life situations. Thanks to beryl, a Scorpio woman will be able to build harmonious love relationships without scandals and a constant struggle for leadership. It is recommended to choose jewelry in which the stone is framed with silver. Earrings are especially suitable: located close to the brain, they will enlighten the consciousness of its owner in extremely emotional moments. Rhinestone – is a source of insight. This talisman stone is able to teach a Scorpio woman to better recognize lies, and also less depend on the opinions of others. Allowing her to correctly determine the motives of people, rhinestone makes the representative of the watermark more resistant to criticism and relieves friends who need something from her. Also, the mineral helps to make important decisions and calculate the possible combination of circumstances a few steps forward. Thanks to rock crystal, a Scorpio woman will never waste her time in the future that will not bring her the desired results. A pendant will become a good decoration with this stone. Being close to the heart, she will indicate to her owner the path along which she must move in order to achieve success. Serpentine – is a source of calm and stress resistance. This mineral is able to improve the physical condition of its owner, enhancing her immunity and improving overall health. He gives her extra energy and helps to avoid situations that require unnecessary experiences. Thanks to the accessory with a Serpentine, a Scorpio woman will be able to overcome any life difficulties, and at the same time, her nervous system will not suffer from excessive loads. Also, the stone helps to fight drowsiness and headache. Therefore, the most preferred jewelry with a Serpentine are earrings. They are recommended not to be removed even at night in order to provide yourself with a full sleep without nightmares. Amethyst – is a stone of wisdom. He develops the spirituality of his mistress, teaches her to be more understanding and condescending towards others. Thanks to the jewelry with amethyst, the Scorpio woman will become a more pleasant person in communication and will be able to find real friends by building relationships with them based on mutual understanding and support. The most suitable for representatives of the watermark are stones of a purple hue. It is with their help that she will find an understanding partner and build a strong family with him. Of the amethyst jewelry, the Scorpio woman should pay attention to the rings. Carrying them on the ring finger, she will surely attract love into her life.