Birthstone for Sagittarius – Turquoise For Sagittarius there is a main stone-mascot — turquoise. This beautiful mineral is mainly found in nature in sky blue. However, there are also blue and green specimens. The latter are classified as "obsolete", so for wearing they are recommended only to the elderly. Humanity has been aware of turquoise for more than five thousand years, so a stone is surrounded by many myths and legends. It is believed that, thanks to the strength of the generations preceding our generation, contained in the mineral, if you hold it in your hand after the morning awakening, you will succeed in attracting luck and the rest of the day will be wonderful. Turquoise is known for its ability to bring harmony to human life. The birthstone helps Sagittarius to become calmer and more reasonable, teaches to concentrate attention and accelerates the thought process. Wearing a decoration with turquoise should be for those who suffer from insomnia or suffer from nightmares. The stone improves the functioning of organs such as the stomach, lungs, heart, and kidneys. Turquoise makes its owner feel better during an illness and strengthens the immune system. They believe that thanks to her it is possible to restore visual acuity and quickly return to normal after an accident. The mineral also gives the skin a healthier appearance and relieves headaches. Turquoise is considered a talisman for the brave, ready to go to the end of the people, which are exactly the Sagittarius. This stone brings them luck and protects them from negative life situations. Thanks to the decoration with turquoise, Sagittarius will be able to quickly gain the trust and respect of colleagues, as a result of which they can advance on the career ladder. The mineral is also known as an assistant in love affairs. It attracts a potential partner to its owner and helps to establish a deep emotional connection between them, based on trust and mutual understanding. A good decoration with turquoise is a bracelet. Carrying it on his right hand, a man will provide himself with a happy life, filled with a sea of possibilities. A significant gift can be a pair of accessories for lovers. He will strengthen their relationship and protect from unnecessary unrest. Birthstones for Sagittarius man Sagittarius man is a bright personality who loves to be in the spotlight and knows how to create a sense of celebration. He is talkative, good-natured and inventive. It is not difficult for him to come up with a lot of interesting things that he offers to do with his friends. The Sagittarius man makes a good impression when he first met, but many are bored by his habit of drawing all his attention to himself. In addition, representatives of this sign are too talkative. They are not used to thinking before communicating their thoughts to their interlocutor. Because of this, they often make enemies for themselves. The following mascot stones will help them succeed and overcome negative character traits: Smoky quartz – is a stone sanator. The mineral has a unique ability to cleanse the life of a Sagittarius man from the negative. It will allow you to surround yourself only with friendly people who will support the owner of the stone and always believe in it. Thanks to smoky quartz, the Sagittarius man can see a prophetic dream and understand what awaits him in the future and whether it can be somehow influenced. In order to see such a dream, it is necessary to put a decoration with a stone under the pillow in the full moon. A watch decorated with smoky quartz can be a good decoration. It is recommended to periodically remove them and spend at least one day without them, since constantly contacting with such an accessory, a person risks confusing the real world with the fantasy world. Onyx – is a stone of masculinity. Mineral will make its owner more resilient and stress resistant. Thanks to Onyx, the Sagittarius man will learn to better concentrate on important tasks and not delay their execution for the deadline. Decisiveness, insight and self-confidence - these are the qualities that this stone gives. It helps to overcome suspiciousness and makes a person bolder. Onyx also teaches you to pay more attention to others and not always strive to become the center of any event. Cufflinks with onyx will be a great addition to the wardrobe of a man-Sagittarius, bringing new career opportunities to his life. Sapphire – is a cosmic stone. The incredible strength of the mineral, gathered together over many millennia, will contribute to the disclosure of the talents of the Sagittarius man and help him to realize himself in all areas of interest to him. Sapphire will give creative inspiration and inspire confidence that everything is possible. Also, the mineral favorably affects the creation of family comfort, protecting the relatives of its owner and their relationship with him. The sapphire pendant will be an excellent companion for the Sagittarius man, making it more insightful. Topaz – is a stone of success. The mineral makes a person more humane and kind, teaches to feel compassion for others and always remember those who once helped. Topaz helps to find people with similar interests and aspirations, get to know them and maintain friendly relations for many years. Also, the stone eliminates depressing thoughts and allows you to look at the world from the point of view of an optimist. A good decoration is a ring with blue topaz. He will help to achieve success in career and personal life. Birthstones for Sagittarius woman The representatives of this sign have a recognizable personality and for a long time cut into the memory of those who meet them. They are sweet and charming, while rushing through life like a hurricane, not always having time to think about the consequences of their actions. Sagittarius women do not tolerate patterns established by society, and strive to destroy stereotypes. This happens due to the fact that the representatives of the fire sign in the soul remain children, even at an advanced age. Therefore, they like to go through life, as if playing. The constant need for new acquaintances and experiences makes it difficult to find true love and build a family. To get rid of character flaws and a happy life, a Sagittarius woman needs the following mascot stones: Ruby – is the main ally of the impatient representative of the sign. He clarifies thoughts, helps calm down and ponder his actions. Ruby energizes, pushing to achieve goals and fulfill dreams. The mineral extends the life of its owner, healing her body and soul. He constantly nourishes her with positive emotions, bringing joy and satisfaction to life. Ruby will draw the attention of others to the Sagittarius woman and make her more determined. Thanks to this mineral, it will be able to achieve the desired power and hold it. At the same time, the stone will not allow her to be conceited and begin to put herself above others. Ruby will make the representative of the sign softer and more open. A good decoration will be a ring. It will help its owner in making difficult decisions. Diamond – is a mineral that gives strength of mind. The diamond perfectly protects from the evil eye, protects its owner from evil influence. Also, the mineral brings good luck and ensures success in any endeavors. The power of diamond can be aimed at preserving maternal health and strengthening family relationships. The stone has a calming effect in stressful situations, which a woman Sagittarius does not survive well on her own. It is believed that if you drink water in which diamond has been lying for three days, the immune system will strengthen and overall health will improve. A good decoration are diamond earrings. For everyday wear, it is recommended to purchase products with stones of small sizes and better if the accessory is received as a gift from a loved one. Pomegranate – is a stone of love. Thanks to this mineral, a Sagittarius woman will become less windy and will be able to find happiness with a person dear to her, not thinking that maybe he is not the one who was destined for her. Pomegranate will attract faithful friends to its owner, whom you can always rely on in difficult situations. In general, the mineral eliminates doubt and makes the decision-making process easier. A good decoration with pomegranate is the pendant. Being in the area of the heart, she will protect her mistress from emotional upheaval and protect her from emotional distress. It is recommended to wear jewelry that before that did not belong to anyone in order to achieve better energy compatibility with the stone. Amethyst – is a stone of spirituality. This mineral is needed by Sagittarius woman to purify thoughts and realize their true interests. He makes a person more reasonable and wise, eliminating the habit of making hasty decisions. Amethyst improves memory and helps to become more successful in matters requiring active brain function. Thanks to the mineral, its owner will be away from all bad habits and will be able to maintain excellent health until old age. A good decoration with amethyst is a bracelet. He will protect the representative of the fire sign from negative thoughts and attract good luck in her life.