Birthstone for Libra – Opal According to the western horoscope, each zodiac sign has a main birthstone. In the case of Libra, this opal is a unique mineral, first formed due to the combination of water and natural crystals. It is believed that this happened as follows: in the area of seismic activity there were lakes surrounded by trees, whose branches, falling and subsequently connecting with volcanic ash, formed opals. From ancient Sanskrit, the name of the mineral is translated as "noble stone". A quarter mineral consists of water and is subject to drying. In order to preserve its pristine appearance for a longer time, you need to periodically wrap it with wet cotton. In total, more than a hundred varieties of opal color are distinguished. There are samples of red, blue, green and even transparent specimens. The most demanded, noble specimen is a “rainbow” stone with various overflows. It is believed that it is he who has the greatest psychoemotional influence on a person and is able to change his state of mind. Rainbow opal is used to calm, find harmony with oneself, purify thoughts and get rid of negative desires. They also believe that stone can strengthen relationships, as it helps people better understand each other. For Libra, opal is primarily the main partner on the path to achieving harmony in life. It sets them positive, gives inspiration and stimulates development to achieve impressive results. Opal saves the representatives of this zodiac sign from nightmares, makes it possible to have a good rest at night and to replenish the supply of energy that has decreased during the day. In addition, the mineral protects Libra from accidents and negative situations associated with difficulties in relationships. It develops intuition and helps to immediately identify people whom it is better not to let into your circle of friends. When choosing jewelry with opal, Libra should pay attention to pendants. They can be easily removed and put in moist cotton under the pillow to simultaneously take care of the longevity of the mineral and remain under its influence. Birthstones for Libra man Men born during the reign of the constellation Libra are born leaders who most often reach leadership positions. Moreover, they like to command not only at work, but also in relations with family and friends. Libra is quite confident in itself and attracts the attention of many representatives of the opposite sex. But because of the coldness and concentration on their own interests, they rarely find the happiness of love. To overcome the negative characteristics of character and complete enjoyment of life, Libra men need the following mascot stones: Peridot – is a mineral of professional success. This stone will bring profitable deals to the Libra man and help him move up the career ladder. Peridot is also able to become a kind of money magnet, especially for those who work in the field of finance. The recommended accessory is a watch inlaid with Peridot. They will help its owner not only to work hard, but also to maintain joy and interest in life. Thanks to such a watch, the Libra man will be protected from nervous strain and bad luck. Aquamarine – is a stone of confidence. This mineral will make the Libra man less focused on his own achievements and teach him to rejoice for others. Thanks to the positive influence of aquamarine, he will become a more pleasant conversationalist and more likely to enter into a serious relationship. A bracelet with this mineral will be a good decoration. He will help the representative of the air zodiac sign not to depend on other people’s opinions and realize that other people’s successes should not affect his self-esteem. It is also believed that he is able to improve the immunity of its owner, making it more resistant to diseases and stressful situations. Zircon – is a stone of success. This mineral will help the Libra man achieve everything they want, while remaining a person who is able to dream and not stop there. Zircon will make it more charismatic, teach it to more competently interact with people and find a common language even with those with whom it seems impossible when it requires work. Also, the stone develops the intuition of its owner, making it more insightful and prudent. A good decoration is a ring with zircon. He will bring to life the Libra man the necessary share of positive. Carnelian – is a stone of love. It will help to cope with previous losses and open up new opportunities. Thanks to him, the Libra man will not be afraid to start relationships and get to know people. Carnelian will make him a more open person who simply relates to life, trying to learn from it, while remaining a positive-minded realist. The pendant is a wonderful decoration for Libra men. Wearing it in the solar plexus, the representative of the sign will be loved and will fall in love. Birthstones for Libra woman Representatives of this zodiac sign tend to develop as a versatile personality. They recognize the importance of a neat appearance and pay even more attention to their abilities and capabilities. Libra women are great friends who are always ready to provide support and will never leave you in trouble. However, in a romantic relationship, they are not so good, as they tend to build high expectations and customize their partner for them. Their tolerance disappears when it comes to personal interests. For a happy life and getting rid of negative character traits, they need the following stones, talismans: Lapis lazuli – is a “heavenly stone”, used since ancient times by magicians as a symbol of purity and spirituality. This mineral is necessary for nature-friendly women Libra in order to maintain a positive attitude and not be disappointed in life. It helps to focus on the good and not quit what was started halfway. Lapis lazuli relieves of prejudices, formed due to negative experience, allows you to look at a lot from the other side. Also, thanks to this stone, the modest woman Libra will gain greater self-confidence and will no longer be afraid to express her point of view. Of the jewelry, most attention should be paid to earrings. Their location will stimulate brain activity, while providing a calming effect on the nervous system. Sapphire – is a "cosmic stone". This mineral will improve the health of its owner, cope with visual impairment and strengthen her immunity. Sapphire will protect the Libra woman from stress and worries, and will also help to solve the problems that have already appeared associated with the nerves. Thanks to this stone, she will be able to realize her life priorities and determine further actions, while based on her true desires. A good accessory is a ring. If you wear it on your ring finger, it will become a love magnet, which will eventually attract a partner to the woman who satisfies all her needs. Particular attention should be paid to the jewelry with cornflower blue sapphires, as they are considered to be talismans for women, developing it spiritually. Malachite – is a stone of family happiness. This mineral helps create an atmosphere of love and coziness in the house, eliminating conflicts and negativity. Thanks to him, it becomes possible to reunite with relatives, having established relationships that seemed irrevocably ruined. It also helps to reach mutual understanding with friends and teaches to respect the opinions of others in any situations. In addition, malachite attracts financial well-being and helps to obtain profitable career offers, therefore it is especially necessary during periods of searching for a new job. A wallet decorated with a small copy of malachite will be a good accessory. He will reliably protect the welfare of the family, while motivating the Libra woman to reach new career heights. Tourmaline – is a stone that replenishes energy reserves. It exerts an equally strong effect on the mind and on the human body, improving its general condition, making you believe in yourself and your capabilities. Wearing a tourmaline jewelry, a Libra woman will feel the protection emanating from him. Good events will occur with her more often, and even in difficult periods of her life, she will feel within herself the strength to cope with any difficulties. Tourmaline helps to cope with the problems of self-determination and the choice of the development path, therefore it must be used by those who will soon make a fateful decision. A bracelet with this mineral will be a great accessory for Libra women, adding to her self-confidence.