Birthstone for Leo – Peridot The western horoscope suggests that each zodiac sign has its own main talisman stone. In the case of Leo, it is Peridot, also known as the "golden stone." The mineral acquires a greenish tint if it is in a room with artificial lighting, which is why it is called "evening emerald." It was found that at least four thousand years BC people already knew about the existence of Peridot. Its elements were found by scientists during the study of meteorites that fell to the surface of the Earth. Traditionally, Peridot is pale green, stones with a golden, brown, orange or olive hue are rarely found. According to historical studies, the mineral was a favorite addition to Cleopatra’s jewelry. They mined it in the dark, as it was believed that in sunlight it was impossible to do this. Since ancient times, people have attributed Peridot to the ability to help get rid of a number of diseases. In particular, they believed that if you look at the stone for a long time, your visual acuity will recover and your eye pressure will decrease. Peridot was used in the treatment of infectious diseases, they tried to ease the pain in the gastrointestinal tract. It was believed that the "golden stone" is able to overcome stuttering and frequent migraines. He was given into the hands of women in labor to facilitate the contractions. Healers also advised to wear jewelry with Peridot to those who suffered from insomnia or nightmares. The powder obtained during the grinding of this stone, and today is used as a component in some ointments that treat skin diseases. The energy of the Sun, enclosed in a mineral, is able to protect Leo from the negative coming from the outside world. Peridot makes the representative of the fire sign more diplomatic, teaches you how to communicate with people and find common ground with them. The stone develops intuition, due to which the Leo becomes more penetrating. In addition, Peridot makes its owner more confident and helps to cease to depend on the approval of strangers. In general, Leo’s main mascot stone adds happiness to his life, eliminating worrying thoughts and reducing the likelihood of depression or emotional burnout to zero. Birthstones for Leo man Men born under the constellation Leo are brave individuals who like to keep everything under control. They enjoy it when they realize that everything is going according to plan and there is an opportunity to "design" their future. In the company of friends, a Leo man is usually the one to whom they seek advice and ask for help. Thanks to the rich life experience gained from his tendency to try new things and be creative in solving problems, he is really able to share wisdom with others. However, the strong-willed personality of the Leo man also has a downside, because of which it can be difficult for him to build close relationships. Firstly, he is a perfectionist who sets the bar too high for his surroundings. Secondly, he loves to be in public, so he is not inclined to maintain contact with the same people for a long time. The following mascot stones can pacify the narcissistic nature of a Leo man and make him happier: Emerald – is a stone of family well-being. This mineral is usually considered a money magnet that can solve all the financial difficulties of the owners. However, its useful properties are not limited to this, thanks to it you can establish mutual understanding with others and build a strong family, whose members will truly love each other. A great decoration for a Leo man is a pendant with an emerald. She will protect him from boredom and teach him to be more constant in sympathies, giving a chance to find a soul mate. Aquamarine – is a fighter with inner fears. Many problems of the Leo man arise because of his fear of being unsuccessful in the eyes of others. Aquamarine eliminates this phobia, helping to understand that you can enjoy life and enjoy even the smallest achievements on your own, regardless of whether someone you know praised you. Watches inlaid with this gemstone will be an excellent assistant for the Leo man, increasing the degree of his self-sufficiency. Alexandrite – is a protector from discouragement. This stone is necessary for the Leos, workaholics who put work above all else. Alexandrite will reduce the load on their nervous system, help to relate to what is happening more and to demand less from themselves and other people. At the same time, the mineral will contribute to career advancement, leadership development and professional growth. It is recommended to pay attention to the clips for a tie with alexandrite. They can be moved to your pocket during your holidays to remove the burden of responsibility caused by work responsibilities. Topaz – is a source of wisdom and good luck. This stone is able to cope with all the shortcomings inherent in men of the fifth digit of the European horoscope. Topaz develops the spirituality of its owner, makes him more balanced and grateful, teaches less to demand from himself and not to expect too much from others. Thanks to this mineral, the Leo man learns to find solace in intangible things and begins to appreciate any surprises in life. A good decoration is a pendant with topaz. Being next to the solar plexus, she will clear the soul of her possessor from the negative and will charge him with energy. Birthstones for Leo woman The representatives of the fifth sign of the European horoscope are very strong personalities that cause admiration of those around them and who love to be in the spotlight. They are good at supporting any conversation and make new friends with ease. Leo women are distinguished by wit and erudition. They are extremely restrained by nature and have good manners. They prefer to have people of different characters and even layers of society in their environment, as this adds variety to life and does not allow you to get bored. Some believe that women of this sign are too arrogant, but in fact they simply respect themselves, and therefore require the same from others. Their main disadvantages are hot temper, wastefulness and carelessness. The following mascot stones will help get rid of negative character traits, as well as improve the positive qualities of a Leo woman: Amber – is a source of calm and mental health. Thanks to this stone, the Leo woman will always be in an elevated state of mind, while maintaining clarity of mind. Amber is charged with the energy of the Sun, which does not allow you to lose confidence in yourself, and also favorably affects health, improving the general condition of the body. It is recommended to pay attention to beads made using this stone. They will give the woman-Leo many years of a happy life, and also protect them from diseases. It should be borne in mind that amber works the best together with a gold frame. Pomegranate – is a trainer of fortitude. This mineral will not allow its owner to lose faith in herself, even if all circumstances are against her. Also, the stone will develop the managerial abilities of the Leo woman, teach her to communicate more competently with her subordinates and help to find the line that should not be crossed when she tries to demonstrate her power. Pomegranate will become a magnet for passionate love that can flow into a strong marriage. Thanks to the energy of the stone, Lioness will learn to better understand the actions of people, realizing the motives of their behavior. This will help to find people who are pleasant for communication and work. The recommended decoration is a ring. It is better to wear it on the ring finger. So it will become a real defender of the happiness of its owner. Jasper – is a fighter with stress. Such a talisman-stone will make it possible to forget about all experiences, while increasing the degree of consciousness of a woman-Leo, who is famous for her carelessness. Jasper will add wisdom to its owner, make it more peaceful, and will also teach how to relate to failures that will inevitably happen. The mineral is especially suitable for those representatives of the sign who are involved in active mental activity on duty, since it accelerates brain activity and improves memory. Because of this feature of jasper, the most preferred jewelry with it is earrings. Chrysoprase – is a stone of frugality. This stone gives its owner sanity in financial matters. Chrysoprase teaches you how to plan your expenses competently so that expenses never exceed revenues. Also, the mineral protects against the likelihood of large monetary losses for reasons beyond the control of the Leo woman, for example, the bankruptcy of the bank in which she holds her savings. An excellent decoration will be a ring worn on the index finger. It will not only teach its owner financial literacy, but also help complete unfinished projects or find a better paying job.