Birthstone for Cancer – Ruby According to the western horoscope, each zodiac sign has a special talisman birthstone. In the case of Cancer, it is a Ruby. The mineral is one of the most expensive, and in ancient times its value exceeded the value of diamond. People knew about the ruby two thousand years before our era, and many peoples considered it a symbol of wealth, so the gem was so often inlaid in the accessories of the ruling persons. In some cultures, he also acted as a powerful amulet against evil spirits and the evil eye. The color scheme of a ruby is all shades of red. Two identical stones are not found in nature, each of them has a unique shade and is transformed in a special way when sunlight is exposed. In ancient times, ruby was called the "greatest stone of the world" in particular because of the healing properties attributed to it. From a gemstone, healers made medicines used to combat most of the diseases known at that time. It was believed that ruby helps with problems with the gastrointestinal tract and cardiovascular system. He was also credited with the ability to restore vision and bring to the senses of a person suffering from epileptic seizures. They believed that this mineral is exclusively for good people and that only for them it will be a real shield from all evil emanating from the outside world. Ruby brings peace and harmony to the person who wears jewelry with it, helps to combat uncertainty and suspiciousness. For Cancer, this gem is a powerful motivator. It makes its owner more efficient and purposeful, allowing it to be fully realized professionally. Thanks to the decoration with this mineral, a person will find a business vein that will serve as an impetus for promotion on the career ladder. Ruby will relieve Cancer of shyness, help to cope with short temper and give peace of mind. The gem will bring to life the representative of the water element love, which will not fade even after a long period of time. The best decoration with a ruby will be a pendant. Carrying it in the area of the cardiac plexus, Cancer will learn to better control its emotions and gain protection from negativity from the outside. Birthstones for Cancer man Representatives of this zodiac sign are extremely impressionable and emotional. At the same time, they control their feelings well and, in rare cases, allow them to influence what is happening. Cancer men prefer to have a narrow circle of close friends with whom they have built trusting relationships over the years. They are completely non-conflict, so usually acquaintances respond very warmly to them. The male representatives born under this constellation act only after carefully considering all the pros and cons. However, sometimes emotionality and vulnerability prevent them from being guided only by logic. It is difficult to experience moments when their self-esteem is offended, and in general to confuse them or disturb their mental balance is quite simple. The following gems will help you become stronger and learn how to enjoy life in a Cancer man: Onyx – is a stone of concentration and control. In antiquity, the war took him as a talisman on the battlefield, so the glory of the amulet was consolidated for the mineral, enhancing the strength and volitional qualities of its possessor. Onyx teaches you how to deal with emotional outbursts and stay calm in stressful situations. A Cancer man is advised to have a bracelet or watch with this stone. Such an accessory will help to be organized and assembled even in the most difficult periods of life. Chatoyancy – is a stone of mindfulness. Thanks to the decoration with this mineral, the Cancer man will be less likely to worry about the words of others, because he will learn to notice their true intentions and what they really want to say. Chatoyancy will make him more assiduous and calm, and also protect him from negative thoughts. Cufflinks with this stone will be a great addition to the image of a representative of a watermark, providing support in the fight against his sensitive nature. Sapphire – is a stone of the cosmos that brings harmony. Thanks to this mineral, a Cancer man will be able to forever forget about the painful experience of failure and learn how to relate more easily to what is happening. Sapphire will make it wiser and more conscious, eliminating the temper and tendency to exaggerate everything. A pendant with a gem will be a wonderful decoration that helps to develop spirituality and improve concentration skills. It can also be used during meditation because of the ability of the stone to open extrasensory abilities. Tourmaline – is a stone of confidence. This mineral brings a sense of contentment to the Cancer man. Thanks to him, he will finally stop comparing himself with acquaintances and will understand that people’s opinions should not affect his self-awareness and self-esteem. A good decoration will be a tourmaline ring. It will have an equal effect on the feelings and thoughts of its owner, and will also spread healing energy throughout its body, helping the body recover from stress. Birthstones for Cancer woman Representatives of this sign can be characterized by three adjectives: feminine, sensitive, vulnerable. They can easily charm the desired men and make new friends. They love to dream, so from an early age they get used to living in a world of illusions. They are extremely critical of those around them, they painfully perceive any statements addressed to them and, due to their suspiciousness, often misinterpret them. Of the positive characteristics of a Cancer woman, honesty, kindness, compassion and hard work can be noted. Most of all, the representatives of the sign suffer from their temper and pessimistic mood. Also, the habit of complaining about life and exaggerating their problems prevent them from being truly happy. The following gems will help cope with negative character traits and unlock the potential of a woman-Cancer: Chalcedony – is a stone of energy. Thanks to this, Cancer woman will be able to regain faith in herself and in a positive outcome even in the most difficult moments of life. Chalcedony allows you to replenish the supply of strength and begin to act to make the dream a reality. Earrings will be a good decoration. By creating a stream of positive energy, they will help the Cancer woman cope with irritability and aggression, as well as prolong her youth and make her even more attractive in the eyes of potential partners. Emerald – is a stone of wisdom. This mineral will make its owner more mature, and her decisions more thoughtful. Radiating the energy of peace and goodness, it will help to heal spiritual wounds and become more confident in oneself. An emerald will relieve sleep problems and make the life of a Cancer woman as a whole more measured. Earrings with a gem are the preferred jewelry, since the location of the accessory makes it a universal fighter, able to establish a sensually-rational balance. Aquamarine – is a stone of happiness. The mineral, charged with the positive energy of joy, acts as an excellent protector from gossip and the evil eye. Thanks to aquamarine, a Cancer woman will be able to forget about the need to think about how her actions will be appreciated by others. A great jewelry with a precious stone is a ring. It will help its owner to become bolder and teach her to correctly express thoughts. This property of the accessory will improve the woman’s relationship with colleagues and achieve success in the profession through negotiations. Agate – is a stone of courage. If the representative of the fourth zodiac sign of the European horoscope acquires jewelry with this stone, he will help her become much more independent and advance along the path of becoming a self-sufficient person. Agate is well able to lower from heaven to earth, which is necessary for the fond nature of the woman Cancer. A good accessory will be a necklace or necklace. They will give her a sense of independence and allow her to feel the taste of real life.