Planetary Positions Report (Beta)


This is a beta report under development.

Sun is in Leo, moving longitude from 126.8006834 to 127.7566973 in 24 hours.
Sun speed from 0.9559350 to 0.9560941
Sun sign from Leo to Leo

Moon is in Sagittarius, moving longitude from 242.3244893 to 256.1003081 in 24 hours.
Moon speed from 13.8619887 to 13.6882896
Moon sign from Sagittarius to Sagittarius

Mercury is in Cancer, moving longitude from 108.5893962 to 110.1175073 in 24 hours.
Mercury speed from 1.4914744 to 1.5641914
Mercury sign from Cancer to Cancer

Venus is in Gemini, moving longitude from 82.0511148 to 82.8746318 in 24 hours.
Venus speed from 0.8175718 to 0.8293960
Venus sign from Gemini to Gemini

Mars is in Aries, moving longitude from 17.0734077 to 17.5309739 in 24 hours.
Mars speed from 0.4608914 to 0.4542157
Mars sign from Aries to Aries

Jupiter is in Capricorn, moving longitude from 290.4359676 to 290.3179696 in 24 hours.
Jupiter speed from -0.1186937 to -0.1172902
Jupiter sign from Capricorn to Capricorn

Saturn is in Capricorn, moving longitude from 298.0127689 to 297.9403584 in 24 hours.
Saturn speed from -0.0725856 to -0.0722305
Saturn sign from Capricorn to Capricorn

Uranus is in Taurus, moving longitude from 40.5714934 to 40.5851073 in 24 hours.
Uranus speed from 0.0140093 to 0.0132172
Uranus sign from Taurus to Taurus

Neptune is in Pisces, moving longitude from 350.6208441 to 350.6028137 in 24 hours.
Neptune speed from -0.0178363 to -0.0182243
Neptune sign from Pisces to Pisces

Pluto is in Capricorn, moving longitude from 293.4117617 to 293.3884969 in 24 hours.
Pluto speed from -0.0233332 to -0.0231958
Pluto sign from Capricorn to Capricorn

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