Planetary Positions Report (Beta)


This is a beta report under development.

Sun is in Leo, moving longitude from 123.9335018 to 124.8890988 in 24 hours.
Sun speed from 0.9555375 to 0.9556572
Sun sign from Leo to Leo

Moon is in Libra, moving longitude from 200.0433065 to 214.2784237 in 24 hours.
Moon speed from 14.2910732 to 14.1729773
Moon sign from Libra to Scorpio

Mercury is in Cancer, moving longitude from 104.4622947 to 105.7590596 in 24 hours.
Mercury speed from 1.2561171 to 1.3370485
Mercury sign from Cancer to Cancer

Venus is in Gemini, moving longitude from 79.6543757 to 80.4405662 in 24 hours.
Venus speed from 0.7796092 to 0.7926964
Venus sign from Gemini to Gemini

Mars is in Aries, moving longitude from 15.6616329 to 16.1386050 in 24 hours.
Mars speed from 0.4801018 to 0.4738230
Mars sign from Aries to Aries

Jupiter is in Capricorn, moving longitude from 290.7978444 to 290.6759858 in 24 hours.
Jupiter speed from -0.1224313 to -0.1212707
Jupiter sign from Capricorn to Capricorn

Saturn is in Capricorn, moving longitude from 298.2319004 to 298.1585757 in 24 hours.
Saturn speed from -0.0734447 to -0.0731973
Saturn sign from Capricorn to Capricorn

Uranus is in Taurus, moving longitude from 40.5259318 to 40.5419033 in 24 hours.
Uranus speed from 0.0163643 to 0.0155791
Uranus sign from Taurus to Taurus

Neptune is in Pisces, moving longitude from 350.6725773 to 350.6557326 in 24 hours.
Neptune speed from -0.0166395 to -0.0170478
Neptune sign from Pisces to Pisces

Pluto is in Capricorn, moving longitude from 293.4823416 to 293.4586922 in 24 hours.
Pluto speed from -0.0237045 to -0.0235917
Pluto sign from Capricorn to Capricorn

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