Planetary Positions Report (Beta)


This is a beta report under development.

Sun is in Leo, moving longitude from 121.0673627 to 122.0226410 in 24 hours.
Sun speed from 0.9552283 to 0.9553273
Sun sign from Leo to Leo

Moon is in Virgo, moving longitude from 156.9969243 to 171.3388810 in 24 hours.
Moon speed from 14.2995623 to 14.3705104
Moon sign from Virgo to Virgo

Mercury is in Cancer, moving longitude from 101.0712408 to 102.1166012 in 24 hours.
Mercury speed from 1.0020869 to 1.0883914
Mercury sign from Cancer to Cancer

Venus is in Gemini, moving longitude from 77.3776385 to 78.1224203 in 24 hours.
Venus speed from 0.7374547 to 0.7520189
Venus sign from Gemini to Gemini

Mars is in Aries, moving longitude from 14.1938324 to 14.6891359 in 24 hours.
Mars speed from 0.4982675 to 0.4923231
Mars sign from Aries to Aries

Jupiter is in Capricorn, moving longitude from 291.1697207 to 291.0448090 in 24 hours.
Jupiter speed from -0.1253387 to -0.1244681
Jupiter sign from Capricorn to Capricorn

Saturn is in Capricorn, moving longitude from 298.4530401 to 298.3791792 in 24 hours.
Saturn speed from -0.0739113 to -0.0738027
Saturn sign from Capricorn to Capricorn

Uranus is in Taurus, moving longitude from 40.4732732 to 40.4916220 in 24 hours.
Uranus speed from 0.0187488 to 0.0179493
Uranus sign from Taurus to Taurus

Neptune is in Pisces, moving longitude from 350.7205626 to 350.7050072 in 24 hours.
Neptune speed from -0.0153281 to -0.0157797
Neptune sign from Pisces to Pisces

Pluto is in Capricorn, moving longitude from 293.5538530 to 293.5299391 in 24 hours.
Pluto speed from -0.0239437 to -0.0238810
Pluto sign from Capricorn to Capricorn

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